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Friday, May 3, 2013

Sheryl's belated 21st birthday!

On Tuesday after my one and only Final paper, I rushed down to Tampines to celebrate Sheryl's 21st together with Ruby!

We had a picnic at this reeeeeally breathtaking place:

Pretty rainbow cupcakes from MissGoob that we customised for Sheryl!:

Pasta-in-a-jar + watermelon lollies:

Burger sliders from The Handburger:

And fries from MacDonald's hahaha:

The East has such beautiful skies and such beautiful places.

Anyway thanks Sheryl for bringing us here hehehe happy birthday again!! Hope you enjoyed our mini picnic celebration :)

And some Instagram (@lovethekisses) updates:

Have a great May everyone! ^^


  1. Why do i look like sai in your photos!!!! Next time dont post my face :( my nails look nice with the rainbow cupcakes though hahahaha

    1. Nonsense lah!!! Smile until so sweet lor hehe. Cannot don't post!
      Yahyah, I like that photo a lot! Haha.

  2. Loving your food photos! ^^

    1. Hi Evie! Yes I know it's you hehe.
      Thanks, but I love ALL your photos!! :D

  3. Sorry that was me (bekindrewindd, Evie)!

  4. Hello! I happen to chance upon your blog and I like your pictures alot! Btw may I know where's this picnic place and where did you get the picnic mat + paper "cups" where you placed the fries in? Hope it's not too much of a question! Thanks! :)

    1. Hello, thank you! :) This is a place in Tampines, I'm not sure of the address cos my friend brought us there sorry!
      And the mats + cups both belong to my friends hahaha.