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Thursday, August 22, 2013

On accepting compliments

I tend to have a hard time accepting compliments, mainly because I don't agree with them most of the time. I'm not someone who tries to be humble for the sake of being humble; I do admit it if I really feel it's true. I just don't think that I am good enough to deserve such compliments sometimes.

When people tell me I take nice photos, I attribute it to the wonderful filters, to good lighting, to editing skills.
When people compliment me on my looks, I thank them but I've never once thought I was pretty/gorgeous. My standard replies would be "NOOOOO I am not!" / "I don't think so because I have friends who are so much prettier!" It's mostly due to such comparisons to my very pretty friends, or to people whom I don't even know personally, that I always don't feel 'pretty enough' to be praised. And in fact (some of you should already know), I feel very inferior about my looks most of the time.
When people think my drawings (those I've posted on IG) are awesome, I tell them I need to refer to samples before I can draw because my imagination sucks like that, and I have lots of room to improve because again, I know friends who can draw so much better than me.
When people tell me: "You dance really well! / I love your singing voice!/ Omg you're damn talented!", I usually don't know what to say in response. Mostly I'd thank them but beg to differ. I think I'm someone who is a jack of all trades but master of none, which is pretty sad sometimes. I'd rather be reallllyyyyy good at just 1 thing instead of being fairly okay in 4-5 but not able to excel in any of those.

When I give such responses, friends tell me I shouldn't be so humble / I should just accept the fact that those compliments are true / I should not be so negative about myself / I should stop having such low confidence in myself / etc etc etc.
BUT I REALLY DON'T KNOW HOW. Seems like all these 'negativity' is inbuilt in me and I can never ever see myself in a more positive light that others can. I am also such a perfectionist to the extent that my friends can't stand me sometimes.

That said, it's not that I don't feel happy receiving compliments. In fact, I love hearing them! They motivate me in one way or another, especially to push myself to greater heights which I'm thankful for :)

(Anyway. Just wanna say that I wasn't trying to show off/brag IN ANY WAY in this post... felt the need to type these down suddenly!)


  1. I kinda know what you mean when you mentioned about not seeing yourself in a positive light while others can view you that way and having a hard time accepting compliments - I face the same thing too!
    But nonetheless, I also absolutely agree that you're very talented! How you could juggle dance, studies (before grad I mean), working part time and all your artistic skills is no mean feat, and I really admire you for it :) Keep going at it! (Y)

    1. Thanks so much Glennda! Your constant encouragements mean a lot :)

  2. Hey I totally understand what you mean because I can never master anything too!

    BUT, look at me. I can't dance (although I'm gna go attend dancing classes soon), can't sing (I'm literally tone-deaf) and draw (OH GOD, people who knows me know how I can never do up anything by hand haha). People just can't stop comparing!

    You just gotta know that your blog post always motivate me to do things I can never do, and I love your dance photos it really keeps me motivated to get myself moving! (One of the main reason why I want to learn dancing although I'm already pretty old for it haha)

    Please throw all the negativities away and take my compliment for once because I really really mean it :) :) Continue to be yourself and be my motivation okay???

    xx Jan <3

    1. AWWWW Jannifer.... your comment really melted my heart :')
      Thanks for being so sweet, and yes I shall accept your compliment for once! Hahah. I will, and I'd love to be your source of motivation. I hope to be able to watch you dance one day!! :D