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Monday, August 19, 2013

The Color Run Singapore - 17th August 2013

Took part in Singapore's 1st ever Color Run @ Sentosa on Saturday and I had a really great time! So glad this wasn't a timed event so everyone could walk and spend however long we want with all the pretty colours! :)

(All photos from the iPhone)

Hahaha I was talking halfway:

I was in the 4th/5th wave I think. Everyone's queuing towards the starting line, still freshly white:

Let's gooooo!:

Pink + Blue zone! "Jump high if you want to get coloured!!" and someone threw blue powder right into my eyes here -.-:

Yellow zone!:

This was the biggest zone I think. There weren't enough volunteers to throw the yellow powder at everyone so most of us just rolled on the floor to get our own colour haha:

And finally we entered the Red zone which was the very last station (and also the most 'deadly' because it stained the most and it was the hardest to wash off):

And this marked the end of the 5km! Didn't feel like it though. They should have a Green station!:

Hehehe the aftermath of my Color Run:

Yummy yummy Milk Tea ice cream:

Apparently most of my friends (online/offline) were there ytd too, but I only managed to bump into a few of them :( TOO MANY PEOPLE ALREADY!!

I didn't stay for the post-run party because I had to rush off to Siti's house for her Hari Raya House Opening, but because there were thousands of people trying to get out of Sentosa at the same time too, I took almost 2 hours to reach Vivocity omg. And before that was the crazy scrubbing off of the colours from my body + face in the open shower (all the shower rooms were occupied sigh). The red stains were the most difficult to remove so I ended up reaching Siti's place with a red neck + shoulder + blue hair + tattoo still on my face hahahhahaha I think I gave her family and friends quite a scare.


  1. HAIYO WHY I LOOK SO WEIRD IN ALL THE PHOTOS FROM YOUR PHONE :'( Anyway see you in a few hours hehe

    1. OKAY LEH! It's 2 from my phone, 2 from yours leh! Hahahaha. YAY SEE YOU IN 1.5 hours!!