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Monday, March 24, 2014

Lola's Cafe @ Simon Road

Last Wednesday afternoon was spent having lunch @ Lola's Cafe (1st visit: HERE) with the F&D peeps, and as usual, it was packed with people + more people waiting outside to get seats. So glad we made a reservation in advance and could be seated immediately once we were there:

(Some pictures credit to Edison)

Before the food came hahaha:

The next morning I found a meme on Facebook and I decided to make this collage hahaha. How apt:

Anyway the menu's slightly different since the last time I came:
Honey Paprika Crispy Wings (S$10) - very yummy! The skin is fried till crisp and the meat is tender and juicy. The honey glaze also provides a sweet and sticky texture to the wings:

Mushroom Melt (S$10) - made up of brioche bread, Swiss white mushrooms, mozzarella cheese, cream and garden salad. I didn't try this at all because I hate mushrooms, but my friends didn't have any complaints so they probably liked it:

Farmer's Bratwurst Roll (S$8) - pork sausage wrapped in a sweet bun with nacho sauce, tomato sauce and potato fries on the side. The sausage's huge and juicy, and I always love my sausages with ketchup :9 The fries are really addictive too! I didn't like their truffle fries on my previous visit, but these are so much better:

Avocado Eggs Benedict (S$15) - 2 poached eggs on brioche bread with avocado, ham and hollandaise sauce. The hollandaise sauce is rich and creamy but at the same time feels light on the tongue. The avocado (beneath just 1 of the eggs idk why) adds a smooth dimension to the dish:

Scrambled Egg Croissant (~S$10?) - with scrambled eggs, ham, bacon and cheese. I ordered this because I remembered how I loved their scrambled eggs which are moist and creamy! The croissant is soft and fluffy, and the cheese doesn't taste strong too (probably covered by the saltiness of the bacon and ham), suiting my taste perfectly:

Banana Earl Grey Tart (S$5) - with earl grey pasty cream, caramelised bananas and pistachio crumbles. Our favourite tart that day! The earl grey pasty cream is thick and the taste is strong but not overpowering. The pistachio crumbles help to tone down the overall sweetness level a little too.

Seasalt Chocolate Tart with Coffee Cream (S$5) - dark chocolate ganache, Baileys, espresso and sea salt. This is one of the recommended desserts there, but we were quite disappointed with it. Somehow the combination of everything doesn't work too well, and I would prefer if there was more sea salt:

We love the food overall (but their service is quite mehhh~), and prices are really reasonable too! We only paid S$66 in total for 1 side, 4 mains and 2 desserts because there aren't additional GST and service charges (Y)!

Lola's Cafe
5 Simon Road, Singapore 545893

Tue - Thurs: 10:00am - 11:30pm
Fri - Sat: 10:00am - 12:00am
Sun: 10:00am - 11:30pm
Tel: +65 6284 0349

Back @ F&D:


Anyway since we are on the topic of food -- actually... when am I not?? Lol -- I'd like to say that people's views on food are really subjective. What I like and think is good does not necessarily mean the same for you, vice versa. I can think something is really yummy because I'm comparing it to my previous bad experiences/ because it's my 1st time trying it hence a fresh experience for me/ because I have very low expectations + I am easily satisfied (and I really am). It doesn't mean the same food would have the same experience on you, but that doesn't mean any of us is 'wrong' because nothing is wrong when it is subjective. You can have really high expectations for something, by all means, but you shouldn't say someone who thinks that the food tastes really great has weird taste buds. If I'm a huge fan of eggs, I would think anything with eggs in it is nice, and likewise if I hate mushrooms and cheese, anything with them inside would taste bad to me.

I've never trusted food reviews 100%, sometimes I don't even bother reading one because I know it wouldn't change how I feel regarding a certain dish at the end of the day, and I really shouldn't be ordering dishes based on what people think, but rather on what I like.
Whenever people ask me for food/cafe suggestions, I tend to hesitate -- not because I don't want to recommend anything, but because I know everyone's taste is different. So what if I think a certain place really appeals to me? It doesn't mean it will for you, and if I managed to persuade you to head to that place and you end up disliking it and you 'complain' to me for 'lying' to you, it really makes me feel helpless and guilty to a certain extent. And yes, it has happened before but who's to blame? Me for having such low tastes, or you for trusting me so much?

This is another reason I've never claimed my blog to be a 'food blog', because it has never been one and I've never wanted it to be one. Just because I spend my life cafe-hopping and hence all I can blog about is food doesn't make me a food blogger per se. I don't even blog like one -- limited vocab, really casual, everything seems yummy to me, I like to insert random pics of myself and my OOTDs, I rant about anything -- I merely like to take pictures of food and talk in a few sentences about what I've eaten. So no, don't approach me and tell me "You're a food blogger, you should know where to eat!" / "You're a food blogger, why are your tastes so low??" Well, because I am not a 'food blogger' + I am human I have my own senses.

I really love food, and this, my dancers and colleagues know really well. I am always the first to grab my lunch/dinner and am always helping my friends finish up their leftovers (and because they always approach me to, knowing I won't refuse lolol). I am already satisfied when there's food, so whatever the food is I would love it unless it doesn't taste like how it is supposed to, or it just happens to contain something I don't like (e.g mayonnaise).
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions of food and noone should be put down just because his/her taste differ from the majority.

/okay end of rant


  1. Lola's lunch menu look delicious :P

    And why so bimboly cute in your photo spams HAHAHA!

    1. Yes very delicious! But limited items on the menu :(

      HAHAHAHA thanks they weren't intended lolol.