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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sheryl's birthday photoshoot | MBS Staycation!

Did a Friendship shoot last Tuesday with Ruby and Sheryl, and also took this opportunity to celebrate Sheryl's belated birthday! We wanted to avoid the rainy evening weather so we planned the shoot at 2pm, but who knew the sun was so scorching hot at that time we almost died under it. I perspired so much before the shoot even began Sheryl kept saying I looked drenched. My hair was soaked it was so disgusting hahaha. But anyway thank you Bobby for braving the sun (and getting sunburnt) with us!!

Here are some photos taken using our own cameras/phones. Can't wait for Bobby to send us the final ones!:

And oh yes, we were supposed to have 8 balloons too which I painstakingly (hahahah kidding) bought and carried really carefully to the location. BUTTTTTT I handed them to Ruby to tie to her picnic basket while we set up the rest of the props, and they flew away within 3 seconds. The next thing we know they were in the skies :( Bobby and his gf arrived right at that moment hahahah so it kinda seemed as if we were welcoming them with the flyaway balloons LOL.

This gorgeous rainbow cake (with yummy red velvet interior) was done by the lovely Violet (@xoxoviolet)! The frosting melted halfway through and dropped off but luckily it was only one side of the cake. Our cupcake frosting melted badly too because of the heat:

A sneak peek that Bobby sent to us! Love how happy we look hehe:

After the 2-hour shoot we checked-in to MBS and got room service because we were all too tired for anything else. So here was our dinner with a really pretty view!:

Club Sandwich:

Seafood Vongole:


The next morning, from the 49th floor:

Finally got to head up to the Rooftop Infinity Pool! We missed it last year because of the haze :(

Checked-out! With our Gong Chas hahaha:

Ruby almost lost her phone because someone took her bathrobe by mistake (?!!). Tried calling her phone over 10 times but the person didn't pick up, and it was almost impossible to locate the right bathrobe in the sea of people there. But glad it was finally found and returned to her!!

Love staycations with my girls! More to come I hope!! ^^


  1. Yay cannot wait to see our photos from bobby and lai, i got one list of hotels for staycation letz go!!! AND A B S LOR

    1. HAHAHA yessss let's go soon!! :D And thanks hahaha