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Saturday, April 26, 2014

One Man Coffee @ Upper Thomson Road

Brunch-ed on a rainy Friday afternoon.........

...... literally. I insisted on sitting outdoors even though the rain was splashing on our tables hahaha:

Mocha (~S$5) - coffee tastes lovely, but would have looked better if it was filled to the brim:

Gashouse Egg (S$10) - a.k.a. Toad in the Hole/Egg-in-the-Bread-with-the-Hole-in-the-Middle with Bacon Jam. The egg is a little disappointing as I expected it to be runny (I've heard about its inconsistency though, I guess it just wasn't my luck that day!). The sides of the bread are crunchy and the interior's soft; the bacon jam adds a different texture and mild saltiness to it:

Broiche French Toast (S$10) - with homemade berry compote, candied walnuts and fresh cream. The bread is sooooo moist, fluffy and soft it almost melts in the mouth. I also love how the fresh cream is slightly diluted so it isn't too overpowering for me; it actually balances out the other elements well so it doesn't taste too sweet overall:

Big Brekkie (S$12) - comes with two 6-minute eggs on a slice of grilled sourdough rye, honey ham, roasted cherry tomatoes and baby spinach with pesto. The tomatoes are reeeeaaallly sweet and juicy, even Windy who doesn't like tomatoes loved them on his first try! The bread's a little hard but goes well with the ham slices. On first look the eggs seem hard-boiled but they are actually really 'bouncy' hahaha. We stuffed an egg each into our mouths let the yolk burst inside... I love this feeling hehehe:



One Man Coffee
215R Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574349

Mon, Wed - Sun: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Tel: +65 6456 1555


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