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Saturday, November 15, 2014


I was really honored to receive a Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ (in Frosted Gold) 2 weeks ago from ZALORA and Samsung:

The first thing that caught my attention was how LIGHT the phone is. "That's probably cause you haven't inserted the battery in.", I was told, but it felt almost the same even after I have done so!

As you can tell, the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ has a really slim and compact design - at just 6.7mm, it fits easily in one hand, and also slips easily into pockets. That is another plus point for me because I have small hands and I can't stand using huge phones where my fingers can't even reach the other end of the phone (how do people do it?? It's so uncomfortable and painful on the fingers). I also dislike how bulky phones can create unsightly bulges and creases on your clothes.

What I really love about the ALPHA 4G+ is its advanced 12 megapixels camera. Having used the iPhone 4S for the past 2.5 years, it has been frustrating for me especially when taking photos of people. A lot of editing needs to be done especially to sharpen them.

I am really impressed by the colours and quality of the photos taken with the ALPHA 4G+'s camera! Here are some shots I took at home:

My favourite feature of the camera is its Selective Focus function! Take a look at this:

I decided to focus on the apple (Near Focus) so the background is blurred:

After the photo is processed and saved, you can actually still EDIT it to change the focus by selecting either of the 3 focus options:

Far Focus:

Pan Focus:

The camera's Real-Time HDR feature is notable as well, where you can now capture your photos in vivid colours even when you are standing against harsh lightings/in dim settings! No more looking like a silhouette (Y)

What sets the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ apart is also its power-saving efficiency that allows the phone to go into a Ultra Power Saving Mode. Most of us would have panicked if our phones were left with 10% battery life, because this means it would most likely shut down any minute.
However, with this power-saving mode, it extends the remaining 10% battery life by up to 10 hours' worth of standby time! The phone does so by turning the screen to black & white and shutting down unnecessary applications:

For video lovers, you must be happy to know that the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ incorporates a 4G LTE-Advanced (CAT 6) network technology that allows you to stream music, download games and watch your favourite drama series at an ultra fast speed of up to 300Mbps!

Additional features of the Samsung GALAXY ALPHA 4G+ include Advanced Fingerprint Security that allows login to password-protected sites with fingerprint swiping. In addition, you can keep your files (e.g. certain photos in your gallery) private too!

And for the health/fitness-conscious, S Health with HRM allows checking and monitoring of your heart rate with an embedded sensor.


Thank you ZALORA and Samsung for gifting me the phone! :)

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