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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

[ADVERT] Cafe Insadong x Beauty Box

Some time last week I was invited to a tasting session at Cafe Insadong, a 5-month old Korean desserts cafe in Chinatown. I've never been a fan of Korean food nor desserts, and this was the 1st time I've tried out their version of shaved ice known as Bingsu. I like how most of the Bingsu here uses flavoured shaved ice!

(Photo credits to Cafe Insadong)

Sweet Potato & Red Bean Bingsu (S$10.80) - I've recently taken a liking to sweet potatoes so this tasted really good to me. Do try their Sweet Potato Latte as well if you're a fan of one!
This Bingsu Comes with milk-flavoured shaved ice, red bean mochi (I was so addicted to this), in-house made sweet potatoes, almond flakes, vanilla ice-cream and red beans:

Coconut Bingsu (S$10.80) - consists of coconut-flavoured shaved ice, coconut ice-cream (which I found a little bland), red bean, red bean mochi and sea coconut:

Green Tea Bingsu (S$11.80) - this was my favourite because almost everything here was matcha! Hehe. Matcha fans really shouldn't miss this:

Injeolmi Toast with Salted Caramel ice-cream (S$7.80) - crispy and sticky at the same time because of the injeolmi/Korean rice cake in between the toasts. The warm toasts and cold ice-cream went really well together:

Macchiato Bingsu (S$12.80) - one of their newest premium creations, this consists of coffee flavoured shaved ice topped with coffee caramel biscuit crumbs, various chocolate toppings + mochi and Mocha ice cream. Everything was so flavourful here and I loved how the toppings provided an additional crunch to it:

Comes with a shot of espresso to drizzle over:

Nutella Toast (S$8.80) - An Injeolmi Toast with nutella spread, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream:

Thank you Celine for having us! :D

Quote "WenhuixSmitten" for a 10% off your bill at Cafe Insadong!

Cafe Insadong
279 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058828

Mon - Thurs: 12:00pm - 9:30pm
Fri - Sat: 12:00pm - 11:30pm
Tel: +65 85332003


Also retailing at Cafe Insadong are Korean-made products such as this Elegani Beauty Box!

Made in Korea, the Beauty Box is of really good and sturdy material! It has an exterior full-length mirror, an interior mirror, a hydraulic table, shelves, a drawer, a built-in powerpoint (which you can use for your hairdryers/tongs/curlers/etc) as well as a bright night light.
Available in Pink, White and Orange.

** For the month of May and June, quote "WenhuixSmitten" to get this at just S$500 (U.P. S$1388)! Feel free to head down to Cafe Insadong to have a look at it and feel it for yourself :)

Check out the video I've collaborated with them! :)

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