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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Quarter of a century old!

^ That was what 2 of my friends decided to remind me 4 days ago, on my 25th :( But it's okay since I'm still very young at heart hahaha.

So I got my 1st surprise early in the morning! The #TRDOco was having breakfast at BK before rehearsals and halfway through eating, Windy came in with a TRAY of SEVEN cakes baked by himself after learning from Youtube just 3 days before. I WAS V IMPRESSED hahahaha and they tasted really good too!!!

There was a brownie, a muffin, lemon tart, apple crumble, berries crumble, pandan & red bean cake and another tart:

Yeah I was shocked because he told me he had to fly to Jakarta the night before (he really had planned to fly, but it was supposedly the day after), I didn't believe him 100% because the msges and photos he sent seemed pretty unreal, but part of me thought he was really there too haha. THANK YOU!!!

Had lunch together with the Co @ Ollie Cafe after our rehearsals:

Went home for dinner cos Mum cooked a simple birthday dish, and she also made my birthday cake!
I had previously requested for a rainbow cake (not meant for any particular occasion) and she decided to bake it for my birthday :D The colours were limited because by the time she went to get the colourings they were mostly sold out. It still looked really awesome though!!!

So pretty:

Met up with Windy again and we caught Aloha @ JCube. I love Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams!!!!
Always wanted to take a photobooth photo so we did it that night hehe yay:

Hi, I am 25:

The following night I had rehearsals with Elevix and that was when I got my 2nd surprise hahaha. We were pretty unproductive that day and it was getting late we were tired I wasn't expecting anything at all. And then:

"Eh Wenhui go try the costume again leh! We wanna take a photo." (I hated the costume btw hahaha)
"Huh, why must be me?! It's damn ugly. Aiyah okayokay." I honestly believed they needed to see the costume again to make a decision.
I went to change at a corner and Fann so kindly helped me with it... hahahaha she was actually trying to distract me from the rest. THANK YOU GIRLS!!! :D

Yah they just had to make me wear it to take photos when I already didn't like it.... lolol:

They also scared me with a fake cockroach right after -.- Those who saw the video, you must have laughed really hard hahahaha. It's already been a few days but my friends still can't stop laughing at it.

Just yesterday they decided to scare me with the cockroach again by throwing it onto my phone when I was scrolling through Facebook. My reaction? I stared at it for a good second...... and threw my phone up into the air then watched it drop slow-mo onto the dance mat. WHAT WAS I THINKING. I WASN'T. HAHAAHAHA.
"OMG HAHAHAHA WE SHOULD HAVE VIDEO-ED THAT!!!!" / "OMG WHY DIDN'T WE VIDEO IT??!" was all they could say.......

Anyway thank you those who spent that special day with me, and also those who sent me wishes! :) Very thankful for each and everyone of you!!!


Catch my team Elevix and I competing at TRDO Chapter 5 this coming Saturday, 13th June 2015, 7.30pm @ Singapore Poly Auditorium! Many other awesome teams and soloists will be battling it out that night!

Tickets are for sale online @ at S$20 each. Hope to see you!!! :)

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