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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy 2016!

A little late, but Happy 2016 everyone! May this year be a really blessed year for all of you :)

2015 has been really great to me (with of course, a few downs) in all aspects of my life which I'm thankful for. May 2016 bring even more opportunities and more angels to my side hehe.


Clarice and I did a concept video of our The Dance Floor piece (which we didn't get to perform) - Joy. Uploaded it on the last day of 2015 as a reminder to everyone to let go of the past/sadness in your life and just let joy in :)

And here's a vlog I did on the 1st of Jan @ Adventure Cove with Windy and his friends!:

More daily updates over at my Dayre / Snapchat (wenhuiwang). See you!

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