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Monday, January 30, 2017

6D5N @ Tokyo (1st - 6th July 2016): Day 4, 5 & 6

(Read Days 1-3 HERE)

Day 4
Left the house earlier that day to head to the Tsujiki Market! We gave the 5am Tuna auction a miss because I read that to actually witness it you have to be there at 3am already to queue, and we didn't want to haha.

Getting ourselves some freshly-cut tuna sashimi! Mmmm:

Look how thick they were:

And we had Scallops with Crabmeat & Uni! The sea urchin got a little too gelak for me after awhile haha:

Matcha soft serve!:

Went for more food at Sushizanmai. There were tooooo many sushi/sashimi shops around we didn't know which to go so we just randomly entered one:

Loved loved loved this crab leg soup:

At Miyabi for some shaved ice. I don't like ice so I didn't eat much:

Left for Shibuya again after that! With the famous Hachi-ko Statue:

An enclosed area for smokers. Wish they had such spaces in SG too:

Lunch was at Ichiran Ramen @ Peace Centre! Heard so much about this place so we had to try it:

Of course, the queue was looong.

We had a cubicle each to ourselves which was pretty awkward at first when you didn't know what to do hahaha:


Their Matcha dessert was damn nice but Windy found it too sweet:

Spot Godzilla!:

Went shopping at Shibuya 109:

Where I found (my kind of) gold... woohoo:

Their merchandise was so expensive :( But I got myself the phone cover on the left hehehe.

Mario Karts on the streets! So cute:

Made our way to the Tokyo Tower after that! The view from afar:

Getting closer and closer to it....:

... and then right underneath it!:

We bought the Observatory Combo ticket (¥1600 / ~SDG$19 each) which allowed us to go up to both the 150m and 250m deck. Not my idea obviously....:

I didn't even step onto this hahahaha so Windy had to take this shot for me:

And we went up to the 250m deck! I had my eyes closed the whole time we were in the lift lolol even for the first 150m.

So happy and proud to have caught this lightning shot hahaha.
Almost everyone was camping there trying to capture it but I think I was one of the very few who managed to, based on the number of ooooos and so lucky!s I received:

Walked around to the other side of the tower and I saw this! :D While the rest were still busy waiting for the next lightning to come, they missed out the pretty rainbow:

Watched the tower light up as the sky dimmed:

Mario Karts again!:

Dinner was in a huge electronics and toys building called Yodobashi-Akiba:



Found Sailormoonnn merchandise again! But these were too expensive hahaha I ended up only buying a 500pc puzzle.

Day 5
Before we came to Tokyo, I actually planned an itinerary that included Kyoto and Osaka hahaha... only realising that it was impossible and stupid to travel to so many places in just 6 days - so we stuck to just Tokyo!
Which also meant my going-to-Kyoto-to-rent-kimonos plans were kinda ruined.

But then we chanced upon a few kimono shops at this area and was persuaded by Windy to just rent them since we were already here.

Went into a few shops to check out their prices packages and we decided on ONE. We were told that during Summer, people wear Yukatas instead of kimonos as the material is more breathable for the summer heat:

This was my chosen Yukata + bag + shoes! Paid about ¥3200 / ~SGDS$40 for a day's rental.
The whole dressing up process was so complicated, which I never knew. There were so many layers of cloths and it required 2 ladies to pull, tighten and do up everything.

Made it to the Senso-ji Temple after!

And we went to Daikokuya Tempura nearby for lunch! And again, long queues:

We were seated on the upper storey on tatami:

So glad they had an English version of the menu because this was totally alien to us haha:

Can't remember what we ordered. Was it tuna and horse meat?

And the famous Tempura rice bowl which was indeed deliciousssss:

Then we checked out Ueno Park and Ameyayokocho right outside Ueno Station:

Was researching for the best Takoyaki online and Gindaco came up as one of them, and because they had Mentaiko ones..... hehehe:

Pronto Cafe:


Loved their Peach chiffon cake:

Went back to return my Yakata and we had dinner at this hotplate place which served really yummy lamb meat!:

Day 6
Final day in Tokyo!! :(

Kids going to school with the same huge backpack hehe so cute:

Only took a cab on the last day because it was too expensive. Apparently the meter starts at S$9?!

Reached Tokyo Station! So grand and huge it was very easy to get lost especially if it was your first time:

Which we did hahahahaha thus explaining these photos because we ended up outside of it while trying to find our lunch restaurant:

Lockers in different parts of the station where we put our luggages in while shopping:

It was like a huge food paradise here! It was a pity we only found out about it on our last few hours here:

FOUND IT FINALLLYY - Kamatake Udon Restaurant:

It was also one of the must-eat places there famous for their Chikuwa Ten Tama Bukkake Udon... too bad the portion was so small:

At Narita Airport for our last meal @ Fujiya Restaurant:

And it was finally goodbye TOKYOOOOOOO:

View the full travelogue on Youtube!:

Till next time, Japan! I will be back :D

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