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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Chinese New Year 2017!

A little late, but HAPPY YEAR OF THE ROOSTERRRR!! :D
And on Chinese New Year, my #brunchdategirls have a yearly tradition of collaging selfies in our outfits (usually for the first 3 days)! Not sure how it started actually... but it has been ongoing for 3 years now I think?? Till we grow old!! Hahaha.

CNY Day 1:

Day 2's OOTD! In my grandma's sandals cos I was lazy to lace up my boots to go downstairs hahahaha:

Went to River Hongbao because father wanted to check it out:

Spot the skilled photo-bomber:

Through coins into the Wishing Well!:

Waiting for the fireworks and light show! :)
Bought some food to share and as usual the food prices were jacked up skyhigh (a few pieces of roast meat for S$10?!)... and the queues were insane for some.

And this was the BDGs' collage for Day 2! Hahaha:

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