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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

[ADVERT] Journey with Meraki Yoga: Part I

If you have been following me on Instagram (@lovethekisses), you will know that I've recently embarked on a 3-month journey with Meraki Yoga! Have been doing yoga on-off for a few sessions prior to this and I really enjoyed it.

Here, I will be splitting my posts into 3 parts - with the 1st part today focusing on the introduction of Meraki's place and classes! :)


Nestled in a really quaint area in one-north, this provides the zen-ness and calmness needed for utmost concentration during your classes!
It took me awhile to notice the unit when I first got there because there was no obvious signage outside, so look out for the 'M' logo (which will be more visibly lit in the evening)!

It is one of the units in the left-side building:

Love the clean, white interior which automatically perks you up - especially in the early morning:

They have 2 studios - the smaller one located one the first level and the bigger one on the 2nd.

Cork blocks, Massage balls, Straps, Pillows, Towels are readily available inside the studios to facilitate your postures/poses:

Classes & Instructors
Classed offered at Meraki include Foundation Yoga, Hot Classic, Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Yin Yang, (Hot) Core as well as Pre-Natal classes!

I've attended about 5 different instructors' classes so far and every instructor has something unique to offer. But what makes them similar is they are all very dedicated teachers and you can tell that they know their craft really well! They also emphasise a lot of body alignment which I feel is very essential.
I also like how they address their regulars by names :)

Facilities & Merchandise
At Meraki, there is a shelf of books with fictional reads (Murakami!) and of course, Yoga/self-help books. Best thing is, you can actually borrow them back home! :D

Also a comfortable seating/waiting area while you read or prepare for the next class. Most importantly, there's a Water Dispenser within reach:

And a Merchandise section where you can purchase your yoga apparels and equipment:

What impresses me the most is their Changing/Locker Room which has everything (not kidding) you need!!!:

Lockers, checked.
Bath towels, checked.
Shower rooms, checked.
Toiletries, checked.
Makeup remover, checked.
Mirrors and Hairdryers, checked.

And a full-length mirror to check yourself out:

Drop by Meraki Yoga one day to experience it for yourself! :)

Meraki Yoga
7 One-North Gateway, One-North Residences
#01-15, Singapore 138642

Tel: +65 9172 7712 (messages) / +65 6872 3711 (front desk)

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