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Saturday, April 1, 2017

5D4N @ Ho Chi Minh x Mui Ne (20th - 24th January 2017): Day 1 & 2

(Read Day 3 HERE / Day 4 & 5 HERE)

Day 1
On that fateful day, I ended up flying solo to HCM because:
- I missed my 7.35am flight
- BECAUSE of a Grabshare driver
- who refused to follow his GPS and kept turning into the wrong bends/roads while picking up the other passenger
- and ended up U-turning many times and wasting a lot of time.
- 15 minutes later I was back in my own estate
- and while driving to drop off that passenger, he started counting the cash given to him by her (?????) and had his eyes off the road for a few seconds. I WAS SO SCARED.
- he also steered off his lane a couple of times
- and slowed down suddenly just when there was a bus approaching closely behind.
- He got lost while finding that passenger's drop-off location as he kindly ignored the GPS again. (WHY???)
- He kept asking her which road was it on - he had an accent which was hard to understand - and it took a couple of times before both parties could converse properly.
- I calmly (but firmly) told him I had a flight to catch and he replied very calmly as well: "I have to drop her off first."
- OH MY GOD. So I told him to pull over along YCK because there was no way that trip would have been completed even within the next hour.
- Before I alighted, he asked me "So how about the payment?"
- I wanted to scream at him.
- I got off, booked an Uber instead and the driver SPED me to the airport ASAP but I still missed the check-in time :(
- Had to pay an additional S$180 in total for the re-scheduling of flight as well as the add-on baggage because Windy had to use mine.

Yeah, I understood I chose Grabshare as the mode of transport, but honestly many minutes could have been saved if he didn't try to be a smart alec and figure out the roads himself, or trying to multitask (which didn't work) and putting our lives in danger.

Spent 5 lonely hours in the airport walking, eating and sleeping on the chairs.
Andddddd after ~2.5 hours of flying, I WAS FINALLY THEREEEEEE!!

We booked an AirBnB room at Domino Homestay located in District 7.
One of their kittens!!! It greeted us with playfulness the moment we reached hahaha:

It was scary on top here hahahaha:

Lunch (dinner??) was beef pho at Pho Ngoc, recommended by our hosts!:

The beef was heavenly. So was the broth:

Desserts at I LOVE KEM.
This worked like a local Sogurt concept, except they sold ice-cream and it was waaaay cheaper:

Travelled to District 1 after that. So happy to see KOICha hahaha:

Visited Ben Thanh Market at night! Which was when all the indoor apparel stalls close and the outdoor food carts/food stalls were set up:

Settled for dinner at Hai Lua because it seemed pretty popular:

They actually peeled the prawns in front of you:

Day 2
Rise and shinnneeee!
Here's the typical traffic condition in HCM throughout the day:

To cross the roads you had to have NO FEAR.

Breakfast was at Minh Tam for their bahn mi, also recommended by our hosts:

Not sure why I didn't take a photo of its insides but their roast pork was sooooo gooooddd:

Drinks at Milano Coffee which was just around the corner of our place:

Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Sweet but addictive:

Then we visited the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon! Check out the number of motorcycles hahaha:

We didn't get to enter it as there was a mass ongoing.

And then we crossed the street to the Saigon Central Post Office:

Googled for the best milk tea places and Phuc Long came up as one of them!:

And yesssssssssssss I totally agree!! The Lychee drink beside it was very refreshing as well:

Not sure what this sign means, I'm just gonna post it:

Lunch @ Vibe Burger which was opposite Ben Thanh Market:

Loved the beef cubes and fries:

Wanted to head to this Harry Potter-ish cafe I found online called Madame Fatty's/Somewhereland, but after 3 failed Grab/Uber trips (wrong location pin/ driver got lost because of the confusing map/ driver brought us to the wrong cafe) we ended up at the right place, only to find out that it has closed down :((((

Anywayyyyyy. Bahn mi again to cheer myself up!

But this wasn't as impressive :(

Starlight Bridge in the early evening:

It was the Chinese New Year period when we were there, so they had all these really pretty decorations up:

Pho for dinner @ Crescent Mall! But the one we had previously was still the best:

Bought this Milo malt ice-cream to enjoy while sitting by the bridge, but I couldn't help but finish it before we even got back there lol:

So pretty at night!! Fountain with dancing lights:

Part 2 to be up soon (I hope hahahaha)! :)

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