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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

5D4N @ Ho Chi Minh x Mui Ne (20th - 24th January 2017): Day 3

(Read Day 1 & 2 HERE / Day 4 & 5 HERE )

Day 3
Decided to dedicate this whole post to our half-day tour in Mui Ne, Vietnam!

Collected our tickets from Hanh Cafe which is not actually a cafe lol:

I've never been on a Sleeper bus before so I was really fascinated! Plus I was assigned the upper deck and I love being on upper decks!! :D

Just that the getting up-and-in process was a little inconvenient:

Yay I got a Doraemon blanket hehe:

After ~5 hours of journey (which I slept throughout).........

We were famished by the time we reached Mui Ne. We had about 30 minutes to spare so we had lunch at the Mui Ne Go office:

At about 2pm, our tour jeep came to pick us up!:

Our group had about 6 other people... and the jeep ride was probably the fastest and bumpiest and windiest one ever hahahaha.

1st stop - Fairy Stream!

GUESS WHAAAAT. I saw a family of watermelons!!! Hahahaha if you don't already know, I looooove watermelon PRINTS:

Queen of the pride rock is meeeeee hehehe:

The waters got slightly deeper (probably mid-calf height) and the ground was pretty uneven towards the end.

2nd stop - Fishing Village
Didn't get to do much here... just took photos of the boats.

Off to the 3rd stop - White Sand Dunes!
Hahahaha not a good angle:

We didn't wanna spend on the ATV rides so we walked.... and walked.... and walked... hahaha.
The walking part wasn't the tough part... it was trying to climb up the slopes against the very strong winds while avoiding all the sand particles going into your eyes.

As you can tell from our hair....:

The view was breathtaking.

And the 4th and final stop - Red Sand Dunes, apparently great for enjoying the sunset:


Driving with a non-existent side mirror:

I was trying to capture the sand particles flying at high speed but this obviously doesn't show anything lol:

Finally at around 6.30pm our tour ended and we were driven back - with a kid in hand lolol:

Had dinner again at the Mui Ne Office while we waited for the tour bus to pick us up at 8pm:

BUT after dinner we were whisked onto the Mui Ne Go staff's motorbike WHICH I WASN'T PREPARED FOR. I came to Vietnam knowing that I will not take any bikes hahaha BUT... okay.
"Come, I will send you all to the bus."
*stares at the helmet on his hand and realises what was gonna happen* "WHAT? NOOO."
"Don't worry, it's just down the road!"

For some reason I trusted the drivers (partly I had no choice) in Vietnam because they seem to know how to maneuver very well even though the roads and traffic were so crazy.

On board! Our bus back was pretty empty but I still got the upper deck hehe (Y):

And after another 5 hours, we were back in HCM!
Had supper @ Vietnamese Aroma, in one of the red light districts:

Watch the video below for a better idea of the tour! :D
You can start from 3"34 onwards:


ANYWAY. For our bus trip from Saigon > Mui Ne, we booked our tickets via Kitesurf Nam WHICH WAS FREAKING EXPENSIVE but we thought it was the 'market rate'. It cost us ~S$49/pax for a one-way trip.
Initially we wanted to book a train which was much cheaper but the tickets were all sold out so we thought that they were in really high demand. We didn't bother doing much research after that on the best agency and just quickly called the first one we saw online. BOOO.

For our return trip we booked from Mui Ne Go which was only ~S$15/pax! Their service staff was really nice too!!
And from what I know, you can book from Phuong Trang which costs around the same price and the service there is good as well.

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