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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

[ADVERT] Journey with Meraki Yoga: Part II

As mentioned in my previous Meraki Yoga post, I like how Meraki offers a variety of classes and how every instructor has something unique to offer.

Inversions (with Priyan, no longer teaching there) is something that I have always feared but the way he conducted his Hatha/Vinyasa classes made me feel very safe, and as a beginner I was given different variations so suit my level/needs.

Most, if not all, of the instructors there are pretty hands-on so they will physically adjust your body alignment such that you are not working the wrong group of muscles/ do not injure yourself.
They also make sure you listen to your body and work according to your needs, instead of forcing the body over the limits.

It was Stella's final class so we had a special workshop! It was a theory-practical session where we learnt the skeletal structure and then applied it to our own bodies through a few movement/poses:

For one of my last lessons there, I chose Hot Hatha with Lesley, which was a pretty fresh experience for me!
Firstly, I've never had a Yoga class conducted under a non-Asian (not that it matters, but it felt quite cool haha), secondly we used golf balls (instead of the usual tennis balls) which were harder and more targetted at releasing specific muscular spots.
So of course, it hurt more haha:

And during a Foundation Yoga class with Li Jun, I learnt how to lift my chest and open up my heart which can help in feeling lighter, happier and at ease.

Saw this post on their IG recently! Excited to know that they will be incorporating more props into their classes which I think injects variety and challenges:

Not forgetting about my Yoga partner Sayhua hahahaha thanks for accompanying meee heheh.

Meraki Yoga
7 One-North Gateway, One-North Residences
#01-15, Singapore 138642

Tel: +65 9172 7712 (messages) / +65 6872 3711 (front desk)

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