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Tuesday, April 2, 2019

6D5N @ Hong Kong (19th - 24th January 2018): Day 5 & 6

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Down to the last part of our HK 2018 trip!

Breakfast @ Macs!

They should totally have this Scrambled Egg and Ham (luncheon meat) breakfast burger in SG:

Took Bus 9 towards Shek O and we started our trail up Dragon's Back! It was one of the simpler must-go hikes when in HK because everyone said the view was breathtaking:

Approaching the halfway point:

The wind was so strong I don't know how people even dared to sit so close to the edge ohmyyyy:

And we have reached the peak, 284m above!

The wind was even stronger up here hahaha but apparently the cold didn't bother my brother at all:

We decided to keep going on towards the Big Wave Bay which would take us another hour.

The route wasn't exactly the smoothest - quite far off from the Dragon's Back trail. This was probably one of the flattest terrains already:

Also, we didn't see/hear anyone for most of the first half of the journey we got pretty apprehensive but we just kept walking. We didn't even know if we were heading in the right direction because there wasn't any indication. We only saw trees and rocks and water streams haha.

NO REGRETSSSS. It was beautiful and quiet:

Getting out of the place was a problem. We didn't want to spend another 2+ hours walking back where we came from, and we couldn't get a Grab to fetch us out either. We met another family who were also having the same trouble but we managed to board a shuttle van after getting some directions from the locals.

Took the ferry to Cheung Chau Island after that even though we were pretty exhausted already:

It was so cold but I wanted a shot of this frozen watermelon, so we bought it just for the sake of it. I don't eat watermelons at all so my brother had the honour of eating it in the cold hahaha his teeth were freezing after awhile:

Dinner @ U Can Cook. Decided on something Western for the night!

Ferried back to the mainland, and I met up with Bernice @ Ophelia! We knew each other on Instagram a couple of years back, met up when she came over to SG and then now in HK:

I'm finally done with my Hong Kong posts after so long!! You can watch the full trip in the video below :)

Day 1 & 2 - HERE
Day 3 & 4 - HERE

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