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Sunday, February 24, 2019

6D5N @ Hong Kong (19th - 24th January 2018): Day 3 & 4

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Day 3
The first agenda of the day was to try the famous polo butter bun (also known as 'pineapple bun' due to the outer texture resemblance) from Kam Wah Cafe Bakery / 金華冰廳!

And yessss it did not disappoint! The bo lo yau that we had was very crusty and crispy, with the inside soft, fluffy and fragrant:

Something I forgot to mention about dining in HK's cha chan teng is everything needs to be ULTRA fast-paced: from getting to your table (most likely you'd need to squeeze with a few others in the same table), to the ordering (you reaaally need to know what you want in a couple of seconds), to them serving you your food, to you finishing your food. If not, get ready for impatient and sometimes, rude, staff attending to you :)

Walked over to Langham Place for some window-shopping:

Went into this strange-looking shop called DokiDoki and guess what we found???

Felix the Cats!! We would have bought everything if not for the lack of money :(
We got the porcelain mug + all the plastic cups + a fridge magnet Felix and they already totalled to about S$200?? The porcelain figurine was so tempting:

Movie time because it was cheap:

Coincidentally we sat next to a follower of mine who DM-ed me after the movie ended. Heheh hi again!! Of all places and shows (we caught a Cantonese action-comedy).

Crossed over to Tsui Wah Restaurant for the Condensed Milk bread recommended by Ryan:

What's better than 2 eggs in the same dish? 3!!


I didn't buy it.

Oddies Foodies next!

Ended the night with dinner @ Congee King / 靠得住, that was just around the corner from our hotel:

Not a porridge person, but there was something about their porridge that made me love it a lot:

Day 4
Morning shots on our hotel's garden. Not much of a view to look at because all the buildings were so close to each other.

Breakfast @ Kam Fung Bakery / 金鳳茶餐廳! The owners were really nice (so different from those we have experienced at other cha chan tengs) they even initiated a conversation with us. The guy told us he has visited SG before too.

Were told that HK egg tarts are a must-try so we did. Not sure if this was THE place to try the best egg tarts, but they weren't too bad! The custard was smooth and rich:

Emack & Bolio's for instagrammable ice-cream haha:

Ice-cream in da colddddddd:

At Ladies' Market for some souvenir shopping:

Printed this tee for our father:

And I bought this watermelon crossbody for myself! Hehe:

Desserts @ The Sweet Dynasty:

On board the Ding Ding! to Kennedy Town. There was a direct MTR line that could take us there but we wanted to experience the tram. However we weren't expecting it to take such a long time - it stops at every single stop and because every stop is so close to each other, the tram can only move at a moderate speed:

So after more than an hour, we finally arrived hahaha.

It was a really chill place with hardly anyone... a vast difference from the city center:

Dinner @ Fish & Chicks because we missed Western food lol:

Day 1 & 2 - HERE
Day 5 & 6 - HERE

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