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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

6D5N @ Hong Kong (19th - 24th January 2018): Day 1 & 2

Happy 2019, and Happy Chinese New Year!! I'm finally blogging about my Hong Kong trip with my brother from last January hahaha. I shall try to recall as much information as I can.

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Day 1

Our initial accomodation was at Chungking Mansions, not far from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR.

However, one step into the building and we realised it was not gonna be a good place to stay. The ground level felt really 'messy' and 'dodgy'. I don't remember what kind of shops there were, but in my memory there were just a lot of men crowding around and loud voices it was really uncomfortable.

The lift (only 1 of them goes up to our floor) takes at least 7 minutes to come each time... and it could only fit maybe 6 persons per trip? If you looked closely at the photo below, you can see the CCTV footages of the lift's squeezy interior.
We were prepared for this though, since many wrote online about the slow lift was:

We actually searched and read reviews online for quite some time before settling on this place (based on suitability and price). I think we got deceived by the name 'Hotel Skyview/Skycity'... it turned out to be more like a guesthouse instead. There wasn't even a sky view LOL.

Once we stepped in, it was just a small reception area with a couple of rooms and nothing else.

I just realised (while editing the photo) the notice on top of the door states that the guesthouse is only licensed till 13th January 2018. We were there on the 19th. HMMMM:

There was barely any walking space after our luggages were placed there :( I didn't even feel safe leaving our luggages there when we went out to get some food.

The shower and toilet combined:

Somewhere in Causeway Bay:

Was so looking forward to eating pig intestines, buuuuttt.... hahaha I took a bite and couldn't take the taste immediately. It was like sewage.....:


Lunch @ Honolulu Cafe:

It was also here where we decided to book a new hotel because.... comfort and safety are more important!!

So we ended up at Mingle with the Stars, which was of walking distance from Wan Chai MTR station:

The buildings in HK were mostly pink! I found out it was because red is the cheapest paint pigment to add to white.

At Kung Wo Dou Ban Chong for some beancurd and tofu:

And lastly we had some yummy dinner at Tim Ho Wan:

Day 2
Breakfast @ Australia Dairy Co., which was apparently famous for their scrambled eggs. We (my brother especially) are huge fans of eggs so we didn't want to miss this out:

We were there at around 8am, and this was the queue 10 minutes into it... probably like 15-20 groups in front of us:

Their macaroni soup had a creamier base compared to the one at Honolulu:

The scrambled eggs did not disappoint!! They have this distinct taste and the texture was so smooth:

You can tell here who can't stand the cold:


Headed to Studio Danz @ Quarry Bay to try some of their dance classes, and also because LA's Entity Contemporary Dance flew over to conduct workshops:

But I was told some of the studio classes that day were cancelled (sadly, the ones that I wanted to attend)... so I took 2 of Entity's classes instead!

Thank you Angel and Will for the challenging classes! I had fun :D

My brother also took the Urban Funk beginners class ("not Beginners at all?!") hahaha:

Lunch-ed @ Cafe de Coral:

Joy Hing Roasted Meat for dinner, as recommended by one of my friends:

Their portions were HUGE. Like huuuggeee... hahaha I don't think you can find such sizes in SG.
BUT, they were also expensive lah. It was ~S$13 per plate?!:


Day 3 & 4 - HERE
Day 5 & 6 - HERE

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