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Sunday, March 17, 2013

DanceArt @ SIM Open House 2013!

Last weekend at SIM Open House:

8th March, Day 1:

Eating guava and doing my makeup hahaha:

Boulevard of Happiness - DanceArt's 1st ever student choreography by Jane, Meiyi, Sarah, Son, Amanda and myself! We actually created this piece for our Dance Camp showcase, so were really thrilled when we were asked to extend it to be put up for Open House:

This was when my umbrella went haywire :( Of all days/times, it decided to screw it up then:

Look at this.... sigh. Totally spoilt the whole image and everything else after:

My BOH team! So thankful for every single one of them:

With the DWZ guys:

DanceArt group shots! Spot me haha:

9th March, Day 2:

We changed an umbrella and also bought an extra, thankfully nothing happened this time round! :D

Ending off with this wonderful shot of me hahahaha:

Anyway, I'm really glad my injured foot survived me till the end of Open House. Now it's time for TRDO trainings and I hope it won't disappoint me. Jumps and turns are still a big problem sigh. Please recover very very very soon..... :(

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  1. I love your costumes!! And I totally get how you feel about the umbrella.

    1. Haha thanks, we thought we looked like newspaper boys though :( hahaha. Yeah, and I'm glad we managed to pretend nothing has happened!

  2. Hey!! Where did you guys get those pretty transparent umbrellas? :)

    1. Hey! (If I'm not wrong) We got it from Daiso! :)

  3. Hi. It's me.. Comment on your old post so people won't see.. I know you're a nice person. And I think we'll get along well. It's just more comfortable to talk via email. More private. He he he..